Write for us!

Write for us!

We invite write-ups of articles and multiple choice questions related to literature from anyone who can write it clearly and elegantly. Here you can find the terms and conditions and other details of writing for us.


What should I write for you?

You can write about the anything in English Literature/theory. You can also contribute questions which are not covered in this site or topics which need improvement.

How do I contact you/ send my finished work to you?

You can contact me at admin@ugcenglish.com Or, you can use the contact page of this site to contact me.


How to write

Presently we accept two kinds of writings for ugcenglish.com. You can send your writing to admin@ugcenglish.com in MS word.

  1. Multiple choice questions on specific topics, author, era or form. There is a list of areas that we now would like our readers to write for us. It is basically 15-20 simple questions and answers in one word that for the quiz. Each submission should accompany an introductory text about the author, relevance of the ideas or any other useful and relevant information. This text should contain more than 350 words. There is no limit for maximum number of words. You can also provide the links of useful website to understand more about the given topic.
  2. You can also write guides on literary works for us.

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