Edgar Allan Poe

Quiz on Edgar Allan Poe.Questions, answers, test preparation, summaries of works, his biography are all covered in this mcq. The questions that are covered in the quiz are given below. To get the answers, begin the quiz below by pressing “Start”.

Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

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Questions Covered in the Quiz

1. When was Edgar Allan Poe born?

2. When did Edgar Allan Poe die?

3. Where was Edgar Allan Poe born?

4. After the death of his mother Elizabeth Arnold Poe due to tuberculosis, who adopts Edgar Allan Poe as their foster child?

5. At what age Edgar Allan Poe writes his first poem?

Last night, with many cares & toils oppres’d,

Weary, I laid me on a couch to rest

6. In which university Edgar Allan Poe enrolled midway in the academic year?

7. What caused Edgar Allan Poe to ditch his studies at University of Virginia and his foster parent John Allen?

8. What name Edgar Allan Poe took when he got enlisted into the US Army in the year 1827?

9. What is the name of first published collection of poetry of Edgar Allan Poe?

10. After Edgar Allan Poe got court-martialed and dismissed from US Military, he took the job of an editor of a literary magazine. What is the name of that magazine?

11. When Poe married Virginia Clemm he was 27 years of age. What was the age of Virginia Clemm?

12. What is Edgar Allan Poe’s first novel?

13. How many volumes were there in his story collection titled Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque when it was published in 1840?

14. Which magazine, of which Edgar Allan Poe was the editor, published his short story collection titled The Murders in the Rue Morguewhich is considered to be the first ever story in the genre of detective story?

15. Which is the single poem that brought fame and fortune to Edgar Allan Poe and is published in New York Evening Mirror in 1845?

16. What’s the name of the magazine Poe became the editor and later owner of and finally got closed down due to financial problems?


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