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Paradise Lost poem by John Milton with questions and answers

Questions and answers from the poem Paradise Lost by John Milton in multiple choice form/ objective type form presented in an interactive quiz. The questions in this quiz tries to cover all the important aspects of Paradise Lost, such as important historical dates, allegorical implications, important characters and their history, plot construction, narrative method, time span covered in it etc. Explanations are given in the multiple choice questions wherever it is necessary.

Milton wrote this work in blank verse. There were two editions of this poem, the first edition and the second edition. The second edition added two more books into it. Now everybody generally follows the 1674 edition the poem.

The poem Paradise Lost is elevated the status and bolstered the place of John Milton among the literary scenario of English literature. Right from the publication of the poem in the year 1667 of the first edition, the interest of the public in the poem Paradise Lost has never been abated. Much of the materials for this quiz on Paradise Lost is taken from wikipedia and the link to the same is given at the bottom of the page, along with other useful links on John Milton. I advise you to go through the wikipedia page on Paradise Lost before attempting the following multiple choice quiz. So, lets begin the quiz. To start the quiz, press ‘start’. I hope you will enjoy this quiz and suggestions on this is welcome. One more thing, this quiz is being constantly updated and modified. So check back this at least once in a week. This will give fresh question from this important poem. So long, just start the quiz!

Paradise Lost - Poem by John Milton

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Paradise Lost, John Milton

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