Comedy of Manners

Comedy of MannersThe term ‘Comedy of Manners’ is used for the comedies written during the Restoration Age (1660-1710) of English literature. There are some unique features which are found in almost all the comedies written during this era. Such comedies, generally, include a complex plot with confusing inter-relationships of a number of characters; characters belonging to the upper sections of societies; intrigues as common parts of the plots; and, sexual explicitness. Satire was the most common element in these comedies. The term ‘Restoration’ has been attached to this age of literary history since this age marked the restoration of drama after a ban of 18 years by the Puritans. The licentiousness displayed by these comedies was basically a response to the excessive moral restrictions forced on the society by the Puritans during the 18 years preceding the restoration of monarchy in 1660.

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Comedy of Manners

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Quiz  Questions

  1. ‘Marriage a la Mode’ was written by which of the following restoration comedians?
  2. The comedy of manners ‘The Country Wife’ was written in:
  3. Who of the following was not a Restoration Comedian?
  4. ‘The Restoration Age’ marked the restoration of monarchy with ascent to the throne of:
  5. William Congreve began writing for stage in:
  6. ‘Tyrannic Love’ was written by:
  7. Which of the following writer had a life span from 1678-1707?
  8. The theatres were reopened in:
  9. The Great Fire of London took place in:
  10. ‘Lady Wishfort’ is a character in:
  11. The 2nd Duke of Buckingham known for writing ‘The rehearsal’ was:
  12. Which of the following was not a common inclusion in Restoration Comedies in general?
  13. The span of reign of Charles II was:
  14. Which of these plays has not been written by William Congreve?
  15. Who is the writer of ‘The Provoked Wife’?
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